The Nauvoo Community Center Capital Campaign Committee hopes that you have begun the new year with plans and renewed hope for 2021.  The Committee, also, has begun the year on a positive note regarding the new building and is working towards plans for moving forward. Stay tuned for news in the coming weeks.


The City of Nauvoo strives to be a place where residents enjoy a strong sense of community, where the local economy is strong, and where visitors feel welcome and appreciated.

However, current circumstances present significant challenges: Present-day Nauvoo has no focal point or center to promote and reinforce a sense of community; and the city faces stiff headwinds that work to erode the economic vitality of small rural towns across America.

As host city to Mormon historic sites, unique natural surroundings, and midwestern cultural resources, Nauvoo has the opportunity to realize its potential if appropriate investments are made to leverage these advantages.

The proposed Nauvoo Community Center is one such investment. Its public library promises to become a hub of community activity and its planned conference facility is expected to be a catalyst for energizing the city’s tourism economy. It will be a complement to the historic site preservation and presentation commitments that bring thousands of visitors to the city each year.

The community center is a means for assuring that Nauvoo’s future will be as bright as its storied past.