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Nauvoo Community Center Testimonials

Donnie and Meredith Griffiths, long time Nauvoo Residents

We enthusiastically support the addition of the Nauvoo Community Center.  Small towns across America are doing exactly what is being accomplished here --- creating a desirable town services center that is both attractive and functional.  It will be a welcome asset for years to come.


Karen Ihrig, long time Nauvoo Resident

As a Nauvoo citizenI embrace and totally support the Nauvoo Community Center, which will serve the entire Nauvoo area.

Acknowledging Nauvoo's past is important.  But, being proactive in preparing for Nauvoo's future is imperative!  Nauvoo is an asset to our region and her future is brighter than many small towns'.  The time to leave a legacy by paying it forward is now.  I'm invested in Nauvoo's future.  I hope that you are, too.

Fr. Thomas Szydlik, Priest, Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church

This new building would serve many practical needs for everyone (a food pantry, library, and public gathering space), but perhaps more importantly, it would also act as a symbol of hope that our whole city has a bright future.

Belynda Allen, Executive Director, Hancock County Economic Development Corporation

I believe the proposed community center will offer Nauvoo a place of social infrastructure that is currently missing and that will openmany economic opportunities for Nauvoo and the Hancock County region as well.

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