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Your support for the
Nauvoo Community Center
is deeply appreciated

Here is how you can make a contribution:

  • You can make an online donation using your PayPal account, MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit card. Click here:

  • You can send a check, made out to the Nauvoo Community Center Fund.
    Send your donation to:

Community Center Fund

City of Nauvoo

P.O. Box 85

Nauvoo, IL 62354

  • You can donate an inscribed brick for the entrance plaza

Visit the Entrance Plaza page of this website for further details or click the adjacent brick purchase icon to select the size and specify the text you would like to have inscribed on your brick.

Brick -Click To Purchase.png
  • You can make a pledge:

If you wish to link a donation to the success of the capital campaign or to spread the payment of a contribution out over time, you may make a pledge to donate.  If you have any questions, please contact Karen Ihrig at 217-453-2202 or

  • You can donate appreciated stock or other securities:

Call Ana LeVesque, Nauvoo City Treasuer, (217-453-2587) or Karen Ihrig (217-453-2202) to indicate your intent to donate securities:

Advise your broker to transfer your appreciated stock to

Krueger Brokerage, Inc.

406 Main Street

Keokuk, Iowa


for the Nauvoo Community Center Fund, Account #73208512, DTC #0235;

To assure proper credit for your donation, call Krueger Brokerage (319-524-1240) within a day of the transaction to let them know that your stock transfer is coming. Krueger will need to know your name and the name of the stock being donated.

  • You can make an IRA qualified charitable donation:

Instruct the holder of your IRA to send a check in the desired amount directly to


Community Center Fund

City of Nauvoo

P.O. Box 85

Nauvoo, IL 62354


If you are over age 70 ½, qualified charitable donations from an IRA can be counted against the required minimum distribution on a tax-free basis, only if the distribution is sent directly from the IRA account custodian to the qualified organization.

Under 26 U. S. Code, Section 170 (c) (1), as an activity of a municipal government, the Nauvoo Community Center Fund is a qualified recipient of tax-free donations.

  • You can donate grain commodities:

The Nauvoo Community Center Building Fund has set up an account with Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB). All of CGB’s elevators are prepared to accept grain donations for the project. 


Donations of any amount will be “spotted” upon delivery with the proceeds directed to the Nauvoo Community Center Building Fund.

Contact Michelle Harmon, Consolidated Grain & Barge (CGB), Nauvoo, at 217-453-2216 for instructions about how to designate a grain commodity delivery to CGB as a donation to the Nauvoo Community Center Fund.


For additional information or to get questions answered, call Karen Ihrig 217.453.2202

  • You can donate real or personal property:

Call Ana LeVesque, Nauvoo City Treasuer, (217-453-2587) or Karen Ihrig (217-453-2202) to indicate your intent to donate property. Once notified, the Mayor or the city attorney will contact you to arrange for an appraisal of the property and to initiate the title transfer process.

  • You can use an electronic transfer of funds:

If your bank, IRA custodian, or stock broker prefers to use the ACH fund transfer mechanism rather than cutting a check, have them call Ana LeVesque, Nauvoo City Treasurer, at 217-453-2587 for instructions about effecting an ACH fund transfer to the Nauvoo Community Center Fund.

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